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T-Bones Beef Brisket

There is a lot to know about briskets: The flat, the cap, USDA, Choice. Just buy a brisket and smoke it.

  • Lightly coat the brisket with yellow mustard or EVOO. This helps bind the rub to the meat.

  • Rub in your favorite rub or keep it simple, just Salt and Pepper. With a brisket it is more about the outside bark with a little seasoning. So don't use too much rub.

  • I like to wrap it in foil and let it sit in the fridge over night. It helps the rub permeate the meat.

  • You can only smoke a brisket in a smoker. (Green Egg, Traeger, etc.) It won't work on a gas grill.

  • Briskets can take 10-15 hours to smoke. Don't worry about the size (for once guys) It's about the internal temperature.

  • Set you smoker to about 225°

  • Throughout the smoking process you can spray it to keep it moist. Get a spray bottle. Add about 50/50%, apple cider vinegar, water. Lightly spray the meet every hour or two.

  • Cooking to a internal temperature of about 160 – 170 degrees. The bigger the meat, the longer it will take to get there.

  • Take it off and wrap it aluminum foil. Place back in the smoker at about the same temp or lower - 225°

  • Now let the internal temp get to about 200°.

  • There is a potential for a brisket to "stall" at a certain temperature. If it stalls at about 190°, don't worry about it. If it stalls below 180° crank up your smoker for awhile.

  • Once it gets to 190° - 205° Take it off, let it sit.

  • Slice it starting in the middle and working out.

I like to use a baguette to make mini sandwiches with course ground horseradish. The kind of horseradish from the refrigerator section in the grocery store.


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