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T-Bones Chicken Wings

Everyone seems to love these chicken wings. The big difference between the ones you get in a bar is that these are grilled, not deep fried.

  • Get yourself a pack of wings. If you like just drummies, try Kowalski’s.

  • Rinse lightly, pat dry with paper towel.

  • Always wash your hands after handing raw chicken

  • Put wings in a large zip-lock baggy.

  • Add a little EVOO to lightly coat the wings.

  • Combine:

  • Bone Suck’in Rub

  • Famous Dave’s – Try the Devil’s Spit one if you can find it.

  • Chili Powder

  • Cayenne Pepper – This is the variable. I add a lot to give the wings a good kick.

  • Poor in the baggy and mix the wings around until they’re all coated.

  • Place flat down in fridge for a couple of hours. Every once and a wile take them out and fluff them up again.

Grilling Wings – this is where most people screw it up:

They can take an hour or so using this technique. Be patient. Have a cocktail or three

  • Preheat the grill – assuming you’re using gas. For charcoal – use the off-set foil technique.

  • When the grill gets hot. Shut off one side and leave the other on high – med high.

  • Put the wings on the side that’s off.

  • Check on the after about ½ hour, then regulate your heated side so they start to get a char. Flip and turn the wings as necessary.

  • Keep going! Be cool! Don’t rush it!

  • Toward the end, you can flip the wings over to the hot side of the grill to get a little more char.

  • Take the wings off and serve with Blue Cheese and Ranch, of course.


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