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Carole's "knock the Horns off" Filet

Beef tenderloin Filet is very tender, low-fat heathier meat. Which is why it’s not everyone’s favorite. Meat lovers love marbling. Marbling is fat. And yes, fat is flavor, but not so good for you.

  • From the Butcher, get 6-8 oz filets. Price will be between $30 - $40 per pound, depending on the holidays.

  • Rub with EVOO and coat all sides with Salt and Pepper

  • Let them sit out to get to room temperature before grilling.

  • Grilling – I use gas because the cooking process is so fast. But, if you have time on a beautiful day, go ahead, get the charcoal grill going.

  • On high high heat and flame– 4 minutes on a side for rare. Rare is the only way to eat it

  • Filets from a butcher are always cut to the same thickness. That’s why 4 min. per side is usually right for rare.

  • I can tell by touching the meat with your tongs. Squishy = rear, Firm = well done.

  • If you want to use a thermometer - 110° = equal rear, up into 150° = hockey puck

  • As always, let it rest at least 5 minutes.

Serve with Grilled Asparagus: Olive oil, salt and pepper, a little lemon juice, char on the grill 5-10 minutes or in a 425° over for about 15 minutes. Not too long or they get too soft and squishy. You want them al dente....almost done.

Option to smother with T-Bones Mushrooms.


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