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T-Bones Awesome Mushrooms

These Giada inspired mushrooms are awesome! Use as a side or poor over the top of a 6-8 oz. filet or chicken cutlets…. (Chicken breast cut in half and pounded flat).

· Mushrooms: Creminis work or what I like is sometime stores will have a combo package with a variety of cool mushrooms.

· Mushrooms are like sponges. Sounds weird but don’t wash them too much before cooking. Just brush the dirt off. You don’t want them to absorb a bunch of water.

· In your favorite fry pan, heat to medium or less. (Never over-heat a good pan. Always med or less.)

· Added a couple tablespoons of butter, EVOO and a diced-up shallot. Sauté together a bit. (Until the shallots are translucent).

· Add Mushrooms – stir

· Add Marsala wine. It’s an inexpensive cooking wine. If you can’t find it, ask for a good cooking wine.

· Add a couple twigs of Thyme. Leave them whole because you’ll remove them at the end.

· Add some chicken broth. – stir

· Add a couple pinches of salt. – keep stirring so the Thyme makes its way through the party.

· Keep blending until the mushrooms shrink-down and liquid is blended to a brown color.

· Remove the thyme and discard.

· At this point, you can serve as is or over steak, etc.

For another dish, take a couple of chicken breast, butterfly them in half and pound them out. Use plastic wrap or whatever, and pound them flat with any hammer device you have handy. Rolling pin, an actual cooking hammer, etc.

Pepper the chicken and grill or fry the chicken until cooked – shouldn’t take too long since they a thin. Don’t overcook.

Add the chicken to the mushrooms, cover the fry pan. Let cook on low heat for another 5 min or so.


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