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T-Bones South Beach Sandwich

This sandwich is based on the awesome North Beach sandwich from the Buongiorno Deli in Mendota, MN.

  • Start with a fresh hoagie roll. Be sure to “canoe” out the roll. This is a Bobby Flay technique in order to get a good bread to meat ratio. I do it to reduce the carbs. Just peal or pull out the middle of the bread without destroying the bread crust. Removing just a little will make a big difference.

  • Get some good, sliced turkey from the deli. I like it sliced to a #3-#3.25. Which is a bit thicker than they usually slice it.

  • If you can find Fontina cheese otherwise, provolone works.

  • Optional to butter the roll.

  • Put lots of mayo on both sides of the roll and if you have an aioli you like. Dijon works great too.

  • Meanwhile, put a couple of pieces of bacon in the microwave between two paper towels.

  • Open the roll with the mayo, etc. in the broiler until it just starts to brown.

  • Take it out and add your turkey and cheese. Place back in the broiler until the cheeses just starts to melt.

  • Add bacon, tomato slices and pieces of romaine lettuce.

  • Slice and eat!


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